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Who we are

Mike and Rosh are the Co-MD's of Devagiri. They are partners in life and tea!​ During their visit to Sri Lanka in 2022, they were struck by the injustice that the community who had farmed Devagiri for four generations could be displaced. And they saw potential to turn things around to  develop a more sustainable business model. Determined to retain the family ethos of Devagiri, they asked a special group of people to join them in investing. And they left their London careers to take on this challenge.

Mike & Rosh

Partners in life & tea

Mike was born and raised in Skewen, Wales; where his career began at age 9 with a paper round! Between that and Devagiri, he was a senior partner at PwC UK; on the the exec board of the Tax business for 14 years, responsible for building new businesses, including PwC Legal. 


Rosh's childhood was split between Sri Lanka and England. She began her career in 2005 at Save the Children before moving to the corporate world; her last role was on the exec board of Toyota Connected as VP Product and COO. 

Ganaka & Blake

Best friends

IMG_5563 (1).JPG

Ganaka and Blake are best friends, who met when they were doing their MBAs at Wharton. The photo was taken back in 2006 while they were trekking across Antarctica as part of that program. When Mike & Rosh told them about the risk to the community at Devagiri, and the opportunity to turn things around, they dove straight in. What's the connection? Ganaka and Rosh were married - a story for another time, that ends well and involves 2 awesome kids!​


Ganaka is a Partner at McKinsey and Blake is the Founder and CEO of Soccerpost in the US. 

Asanga & Dharma

Two of the ten siblings

Dharma (6).png

Asanga and Dharma are 2 of the "10 siblings", who have stayed on as shareholders. While they don't take an active part in day to day operations, the heritage and insight they bring is invaluable to us today.


Now in their 60s, 70s and 80s, the siblings remain exceptionally close. Dharma is the lady standing next to the gent in the white shirt (who is the eldest, Vasu); she is also the little girl on the extreme left of the old family photo. Asanga is standing next to the lady in the red jumpsuit (his wife, Theja); and he is the little boy standing between his father and eldest sister (Swarna) on the left-hand side of the old photo. Next to him is Padma, who took over the role of managing Devagiri when their father died. He passed away in 2023, aged 80. This picture was taken just 2 years before on Dharma's 70th birthday. Dharma is Rosh's mum. 

Meet the Team

Our team is made up of c150 people, many of whom are the 4th generation of their family to work at Devagiri. Across, field, factory and administration, their work is highly skilled and they work incredibly hard. They are led by Tharaka, whose father is one of the ten siblings. He began apprenticing at Devagiri in 2008, when he was just 21. In parallel, he qualified as a lawyer and, today, when he isn't examining the health of our crop or assessing quality in the factory, he can be found in Court! Tharaka is supported by our estate Superintendent, Upul Ratnayake, who lives onsite with his wife and keeps everything running smoothly. 

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